Welcome to Primetime Politics, the Women’s Marches are Just the Beginning

I’ve never been politically minded. I’ve always read the news so I would know what going on in the world but that was all. My parents protested for many causes when they were younger but that never passed down to me, until now.

I was outside Trump Tower protesting the week Donald Trump won the election. I knew I wanted to go to the Women’s March. I really wanted to go to the one in D.C. but I was unable to attend that one, so I decided to attend one in my city, New York.

I wanted it to be big. There was so much criticism about the march on Twitter that I wanted it to be big but I could never have imagined the incredible size and never could have imagined that all over the world women, men and children would be marching too.

A lot of us have stayed out of politics, either it wasn’t interesting or we just didn’t care. On Saturday, something amazing happened. People who have never been politically active came out to march and get their voices heard. This is just the start and I hope we can keep this momentum moving forward.

It was an incredible feeling to march right aside people who have the same concerns as I do. People who also feel that their rights are being threatened.

According to Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office, more than 400,000 people marched in New York City. I knew there was a lot of people. I stood in that crowd and I could not move. I felt the enormity of it but I still had no idea how big the Women’s March actually was. I had no idea that while I was marching in New York, people were marching all around the world. It really is a beautiful thing to see this many people uniting.

New York Times reported that more than 500,000 marched in D.C. According to The Hill, 750,000 people showed up in LA for the march. There were marches all over the world from London to Paris to Florence to Barcelona. Check out The New York Times to see pictures from all over the world. It fills your heart with pride to see this may people getting their voices heard.

But it can’t stop here. We have to keep fighting. One important thing we all need to do is keep ourselves informed. Trump is doing so many executive orders and he just took office. We need to know what he’s doing and how it will affect us.

I’m starting this blog because I was very upset after Trump won the election. I was very depressed and I really wanted to do something. I went to one of the protests that week but then it dawned on me, I’m a journalist. I may have been writing about entertainment this whole time, but this is how I can get involved.

It’s going to be a long four years but I’m paying attention more than ever before. We must hold our president and his administration accountable for their falsehoods and fight for what we believe is right. Welcome to Primetime Politics.

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